Graeme Peatfield (68) of Ivy Road Poynton became a triple World Champion in Adelaide, Australia for medieval crossbow target shooting in three different disciplines, achieving three new World Championship Records and five British Records. The three golds along with two golds gained earlier this year in long distance accuracy and 3D shooting in Portugal make him the current five times World Champion.

Graeme trained a minimum of seven hours every day since the 1st January with technical shooting, psychological, physical and equipment tuning for accuracy. His crossbow, bolts and strings are homemade and of 13th Century design to comply with the rules, and with no sights or technological advantages the aiming is purely on instinctive judgement.

Laura (31) his daughter gained one silver and three bronze World medals in her four modern hi-tech target crossbow events against extremely strong Estonian and Japanese opposition.

They are now preparing for domestic Championships and have also invitations to Sweden, Estonia and Portugal to shoot as guests in their National Championships.