Poynton Town Council arranged for representatives of Cheshire East Council to attend a public meeting on the 17th October 2022. Over 150 residents attended and had the opportunity to express their views, find out more and ask questions on the plans.

There were a number of questions Cheshire East could not answer on the night and advised they would be answered before the Town Council met to agree their response on the 31st October 2022.

Poynton Town Council received the Cheshire East responses at 4pm on the 31st October just before residents attended the Town Council meeting at 8pm to observe the Councillor’s deliberations. Their official Town Council response was published on 2nd November 2023 and submitted to Cheshire East on the same day.

Poynton Town Council also submitted their opinion to the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Screening Application – 22/4001S. The Town Council also agreed to fund a second opinion from a reservoir engineer and has worked with Friends of Poynton Pool to instruct a suitable engineer.

All of the documents mentioned above can be viewed on our website. https://bit.ly/3NJMCxx

Next Steps: Poynton Town Council await the results of the consultation from Cheshire East and the pending screening planning application. The opinion of the second reservoir engineer will be reported in due course.