Although our hedgehogs are now in hibernation, when they wake up in the springtime they will be on the hunt for food. Hogs need to roam around a mile every night to get the food they need to survive, so creating Hedgehog Highways between gardens is an easy way to help them get around more safely as they are foraging.

Poynton Town Council are encouraging residents to create Hedgehog Highways and have a limited number of surrounds (as pictured) available to buy at cost price of £3 at Poynton Civic Hall, along with more information about how you can help our hogs. Use the surrounds as a template to create an ideal-sized gap in the bottom of a wooden fence. The surround creates a smooth finish as well as a talking point!

These make great little Christmas gifts for neighbours, family and friends who also might want to encourage hedgehogs into their garden. For more information on how to help hedgehogs visit or