The Town Council sets an annual precept as part of the Council Tax to help pay for the many local services we provide. The Council has worked hard in a time of high inflation to keep the precept low and made savings wherever possible. 

The Town Council’s precept for 2023/24 is £550,986, an increase over the current year of £29,919. This equates to an increase of £3.70 (4.31%) per year (just 7 pence a week) for a Band D home. This is much less than the current inflation rate of over 9%. 

Poynton Town Council operates and looks after a wide range of community facilities and services. We remain committed to ensuring that Poynton remains a vibrant town and a desirable place to live, work and visit. We believe that the precept represents good value for money when measured against all the additional services in Poynton which are provided by the Town Council.