The Town Council sets an annual precept as part of the Council Tax to help pay for the many local services we provide. The Council has worked hard in difficult circumstances to keep the precept low and made savings wherever possible.

The Town Council’s precept for 2022/23 is £521,067, an increase over the current year of £29,272 or 4.08% for a Band D home. The annual precept for a Band D home is £85.97 for the year, or £1.65 per week. We believe that this represents good value for money when measured against all the additional services in Poynton which are provided by the Town Council. These include:

  • The Civic Hall, owned and maintained by the Town Council, is home to an increasing number of local voluntary organisations and clubs and needs maintenance and improvements. It is currently being used as a vaccine centre and has supported the delivery of over 30,000 vaccines.
  • Co-ordinating the outside volunteers for every vaccine clinic held at the Civic Hall
  • Providing every Poynton household with Poynton specific information about flooding and setting up a Flood Warden Scheme
  • Purchasing and erecting the Christmas tree and Christmas lights
  • Maintaining Hockley and Brecon Close play areas and carrying out regular inspections
  • Management of the majority of Lady’s and Prince’s Inclines (between Woodside Lane and Towers Road) including tree management
  • Providing CCTV monitoring through the Cheshire East control room and funding five cameras in the centre of Poynton
  • Graffiti removal in public spaces
  • The management of Coppice Road allotments
  • Carrying out weekly checks on defibrillators owned by the Town Council
  • Funding for the Citizens Advice service so that residents can access a face to face service at Poynton
  • Assisting groups and volunteers, including financial support through grants, to provide support to Poynton’s community during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Working with volunteers to understand better the needs of our business community and supporting the development of a Poynton businesses website which includes an online business directory of the businesses in the Town.
  • Financial and operational support for community events including Christmas Fest and Remembrance Sunday
  • Supporting voluntary and community organisations including Poynton in Bloom and Time out Café
  • The Town Council acts as Poynton’s voice on many issues, including the local bus service and defending the Green Belt and protecting the environment
  • The Town Council currently employs three Community Support Officers who are a visible uniformed presence in Poynton. The number of officers will increase to four in 2022/2023. They provide an ‘eyes and ears’ service aimed at reducing the fear of crime for residents and improving their quality of life. Their remit includes dealing with environmental crime issues, such as littering, fly tipping and dog fouling and reducing incident of low level crime and antisocial behaviour. They also undertake community engagement providing talks to schools and independent living apartments. More recently the Community Support Officers have begun parking enforcement in the Town.
  • The Communities Co-ordinator promotes health and well-being initiatives for both older and younger people, working with voluntary groups and service providers to ensure Poynton is a strong and resilient community. Poynton is officially a dementia friendly town. Other work includes supporting the North East Cheshire Community Partnership and the scheme to hire out mobility scooters and wheelchairs.
  • The Operations Manager and Village Ranger have a key role working with Cheshire East, pushing for road and footpath repairs, drain clearance and lighting improvements; dealing with residents’ enquiries and litter problems; supporting the Pick and Tidy group; emptying bins and similar jobs maintaining Poynton’s infrastructure.

Town Councillors receive no form of salary, attendance or other allowances and give freely of their time. Poynton Town Council’s website is