Poynton Players tackle the issue of the beauty of trees and how they make our lives better, and how the threat of their destruction can affect us in ‘One, Two…TREE’ 

Local playwright Adam Colclough and The Players premier an evening of three one act plays. 

One, Two …TREE: One couple meet over a fifty-year period beneath the branches of a beautiful old tree. Witness the seed of a relationship being planted, it’s blossoming and then … destruction? 

Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvred: By chance, an estranged mother and son meet in a location of love and loss. 

Shuffle, BALL, Changed: A woman in search of her father, discovers the truth about her mother. 

The plays are showing from 20th to 25th February at the theatre by The Legion opposite St George’s. You can order tickets for £10 online via www.poyntonplayers.co.uk. or call 0333 666 3366. There will be a big welcome for you if you would like to join Poynton’s own local theatre group.