Poynton Arts Festival is taking place from 25th June to 2nd July next year and already, nineteen official venues have confirmed their participation, including pubs, churches, schools and clubs (amongst other venues!). 

This is a significant first for Poynton, bringing together talent from both inside and outside the Town, with opportunities for everyone to get involved. 

The Festival is open to all kinds of artists including both performing arts such as music and theatre and display arts such as paintings and photography. 

Please see the dedicated webpage for how to get involved, whether as a contributor or a venue. https://bit.ly/3Ci95xn 

For those wanting to attend Poynton Arts Festival, more information on the festival programme will be announced in due course. 

Today the Town Council will be launching a competition for children to design a logo for the Poynton Arts Festival. Keep an eye on Poynton Town Councils Facebook page 

For more details contact john.waterhouse@poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk