The Town Council would like to congratulate the recipients of the 2022 Civic Service Awards,  which were presented by the Town Mayor, Cllr Hayley Whitaker, at the Civic Reception on  Sunday 10th July 2022. This followed the Civic Service held at St George’s Church.  Four members of Poynton Footpaths Group were not able to attend the ceremony and so will  be presented with their award on a future occasion.  

The Civic Service Awards were presented in recognition of a sustained and significant  contribution to the community to: 

Rosa Archer: Rosa has been Welfare Officer at Poynton Dippers for nearly 7 years, and over  that time has made a significant and sustained contribution to the club and therefore the local  community. Rosa takes time to listen, assess and take appropriate actions, whilst remaining  calm and engaged for the positive welfare of everyone.  

Eddie Griffin: As a member of the Heritage Garden Group, Eddie has taken an interest in  Poynton’s open spaces. For a number of years helping to design, build and maintain the  Heritage Garden throughout the year. Additionally, colourful displays around the Town bring a  smile to residents and visitors alike. 

Helena Magnanini-White: For her involvement and support with 1st Poynton Rainbows and  Poynton Rangers. Helena spends a lot of her time organising activities for both groups.  

Stewart Riley: Stewart can be seen around Poynton collecting litter and making the area tidy.  His efforts maintain a spirit of community pride and keep Poynton a nice place to live. 

Rosemary Spencer: Rosemary has been granted a Civic Award for her various volunteering  roles around our Town including her support with, St George’s bell ringing, AGE UK, Mary  Sunley, the National Trust, Riding for the Disabled and Open Hands. 

Poynton Footpaths Group: 11 members of this group undertake footpath improvements  throughout the Town. Over the last 18 months they have significantly improved accessibility for  all by making paths usable 365 days a year. They are a fantastic resource and have improved  access to the countryside, improving wellbeing for residents. Members of the group are named  as Charles Gorst, John McClean, Steve Miall, Michael Woodrow, John Floyd, Keith Fitton,  Steve Johnson, Gary Woodrow, Brian Meredith, Chris Moores and David Warr. 

The Youth Civic Awards are awarded to under 18’s in recognition of having shown leadership,  initiative, enthusiasm and commitment to a worthwhile cause, of benefit to their peer group and/ or the wider community to: 

Lucy Bell: Lucy has been volunteering at 1st Poynton Rainbows for a few years. She gives up  her own time to go to weekly meetings, days out and Rainbow sleepovers. Several younger vol unteers look up to Lucy as a good role model.