The Cheshire East Local Plan was approved in 2017, and a supporting document, the Site Allocations and Development Policies Document (SADPD) has now been reviewed by a Planning Inspector. Among other issues, the SADPD considered if more land was needed for housing in the towns and villages of Cheshire East. Public hearings took place in autumn 2021.

The Planning Inspector has now published his post-hearing comments on key issues in the Cheshire East SADPD. The Town Council are pleased to report that the Inspector agreed that no additional land should be taken from the Green Belt to be used for housing or industrial sites. This was despite some local landowners and developers arguing at the enquiry that yet more building should be allowed in the Green Belt around Poynton. The revised draft SADPD should go for public consultation by the end of February 2022 .

The inspector’s report can be found here