Following extensive consultation with residents and many others who have an interest in Poynton’s future development to 2030, the first draft of Poynton’s Neighbourhood Plan – known as the Pre-Submission version – is now ready to undergo a statutory six week long consultation, starting at 5pm on 30th September, and running through to 5pm on Friday 11th November. Once any necessary amendments or additions have been made to it, and Town Council approval sought, the Submission version of the Plan will be forwarded to Cheshire East Borough Council, who will check for compliance with both national and local planning policies. Following that stage an independent examiner will also check the Plan. All being well Cheshire East will then submit the Plan to a local referendum, involving the whole of Poynton’s electorate. If more than 50% of those who vote support the Plan, then it has statutory effect, and its policies and other content have to be taken into account by planning officers, landowners and developers.

All Poynton residents are strongly urged to participate in the six week consultation stage – this is the last opportunity to comment on and amend the Plan before it goes forward to the next stage in the process. It will also be brought to the specific attention of those who run businesses in Poynton, as well as significant landowners, local community organisations and neighbouring communities.

The Plan sets out a raft of policies dealing with the Green Belt, housing, transport, the town centre and business, and health and wellbeing, and can be accessed via the Poynton Neighbourhood Plan website, where the consultation form can also be found. For those without access to a computer, hard copies can be viewed at the Civic Hall and at the Library, along with printed copies of the consultation form. An open morning and evening will also be arranged at the Civic Hall during the consultation period, when members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will be on hand to answer any questions regarding the Plan, and the associated consultation. The dates and times of these will be announced in early October – keep an eye on the Neighbourhood Plan website (address above) for details.

For any further information in the meantime please e-mail