Poynton High School recently held  their third Student Development Day at the school. The whole day was an opportunity for students  to take part in activities that wouldn’t fit into a traditional teaching day at school and allow them to focus on issues that affect them. The days have been incorporated into the school curriculum to provide a tailored welfare programme and prepare students for the wider world.

Years 7 and 8 started completing their Global Citizenship Award, launched by Jack Clark from United World Schools – the school has been partnered with the Kaung Whatt School, opening May 2015 in Burma. The UWS vision is to teach the unreached, ensuring children in remote areas have access to basic education and improved life chances. Year 9 students were looking at GCSE options and Years 10 and 11 had a ‘Health Day’ with speakers from the Citizens Advice Bureau, practical workshops on First Aid and talks by the local Police Community Support Officers  on alcohol awareness where students wore ‘beer goggles’ to experience a realistic simulation of alcohol impairment. There were also health and beauty demonstrations from Bobbi Brown at John Lewis and drugs education from Alison Hodgson from the charity Evolve who spoke about the dangers of legal highs. Year 12 students had an inspiring talk from the Teenage Cancer Trust and Year 13 were given a talk by Leeds University about the next steps in their education.

“The day was another amazing success which engaged the students with a diverse and interactive range of topics. We would like to thank all of our community partners who continue to give their time and inspire the students , ensuring that our Student Development Days go from strength to strength.”  said Rachel Long, teacher and Team Leader of Welfare and Education at Poynton High School.

 Pictured is year 11 student Andrew Bridgland wearing a pair of ‘beer goggles’ with PCSO’s Steven Leigh and Chris Luke.