Poynton dry cleaners is making great strides towards supporting a better way of living for both the local community and generations to come. “We take social responsibility seriously at Poynton Dry Cleaners.  It doesn’t matter how big or small the gesture is, businesses need to make an effort to improve society and our local community in some way,” says Steven Talbot, owner of Poynton Dry Cleaners.

It has changed the garment poly covers it uses to a biodegradable poly (meaning bags will degrade within a few years, not a few 100 years); it offers an eco-laundry service using plant-based soaps that are vegan friendly (at no extra cost to the customer); it’s installed a more efficient system to reduce its use of water; and is supporting local businesses by making sure that all its detergents and products are purchased from ethical distributors right here in the UK.