At a recent handover ceremony held in Poynton, the mayors of Cheshire East, Cllr Wesley Fitzgerald and Poynton Town Council, Cllr Rebecca Horseman,  accepted 2 prestigious prizes awarded to the Poynton Revitalisation Scheme.

The Urban Transport Design Award and the Highways Excellence Award.

Handing over the awards was the scheme’s designer, Ben Hamilton-Baillie. Ben had accepted the awards on behalf of both Councils when he attended the ceremonies in London.

Ben’s concept designs were developed and delivered by Landscape Architects, PlanIt and Infrastructure engineers, Civic Engineers. These companies were represented on the day by Lindsay Humblet and Stephen O’Malley respectively.

Cllr FitzGerald remarked: ” When I was the Leader of Cheshire East I got fully behind this scheme. It is innovative and it turns commercial centres like Poynton in to destinations.”

The Schemes Steering Group was Chaired by Poynton Cllr, Howard Murray.

Who said: “Given the scale and complexities there were inevitably difficulties, in particular a poor interface with the contractors”. He added: “The facts are that overall it is a success and Poynton is now reaping the benefits”.

The picture shows (l-r)

Cllr Sandra Horseman, Deputy Mayor of Poynton, Cllr Rebecca Horseman, Mayor of Poynton, Ben Hamilton-Baillie; Cllr Wesley FitzGerald Mayor of Cheshire East and the Mayor’s Consort, Mrs Joan Fitzgerald.