A Poynton solicitor has noticed a slight rise in the number of people making wills since Covid-19. 

Nick Stratford, Director of Stratford Solicitors, says that typically 12-15 couples have been using their will writing services each month.

Nick is encouraging people to sign up for Will Week, run by East Cheshire Hospice from October 5-9, when solicitors waive fees in return for a donation to the charity. 

Nick said: “We were probably seeing about 10 clients a month before Covid-19, so there has been an increase but it’s not massive.

“The risk in the Poynton area at the moment is quite low, so there’s been no real urgency to get wills written compared to other areas. 

“Demand for our legal services has still been high during the pandemic and we’ve seen people in their back garden if the weather’s nice, or even had a pane of glass between us at times where necessary, to adhere to social distancing guidelines.”

“We’re glad to be part of Will Week and will happily see clients in evenings or at weekends if they’re struggling to see us, for the purposes of helping the Hospice.”

A full list of participating solicitors during Will Week, is available on the Hospice website eastcheshirehospice.org.uk.  

Participating solicitors can write a single or mirror Will, or update an existing Will, in return for a donation to the Hospice. Any other services are chargeable at the solicitor’s usual cost.