‘Throughout the summer it has been clear that the role of Mayor offers a fantastic opportunity to meet with many groups, businesses, and people who work hard to make Poynton such a great place to be. It has been great to learn about the activities going on around Poynton, and to be able to showcase these through social media. Due to ill health at the start of my tenure, I have had a slow start, so for the sake of clarity and completeness, I will outline my aim and fundraising plans for the year ahead. 

Mayor’s aim: I plan to work with the younger people in our community, with a focus on those of High School and Sixth Form age. I intend to raise a Poynton Youth Town Council, with the objectives of; personal development for young people, a voice to our younger residents and an awareness of the work of the Town Council. Rather than have reps who serve and report back on existing PTC committees, I want to encourage the Youth Town Council, to form their own committee, discuss and share ideas on what they want to achieve in Poynton, and with the support of the Town Council, enact their own projects for Poynton. 

Mayor’s fundraising: I have split the fundraising efforts into 2 this year. I am pleased to be working with the Just-Ice charity, supporting their work to assist victims of human trafficking. The remainder will be dedicated to a project rather than a charity. After discussions with youth mental health services (Just Drop In), it is clear that in Poynton these are oversubscribed. Fundraising for a new project – ‘Poynton Youth Mental Health’, will allow funds to be used to the direct benefit of younger people in Poynton. I will be working in conjunction with the provider of youth services Just Drop In, who offer community counselling services, business leaders mental health awareness and parent courses on youth mental health. Money raised will be used to secure these courses and services in Poynton.’