Zest4life today announced the launch of a new community health project called Zest4Health to promote health at home.  Over 80 qualified Nutrition and Health Coaches have volunteered to deliver the Zest4Health weekly health and wellbeing sessions across community groups in the UK, Ireland, Europe and Canada. 

Each week Zest4Health will bring education, inspiration and motivation to their communities online – the message is that making small changes can add up to big differences – for long term health improvements. Imagine coming out of this feeling healthier and stronger!!  The WHO recently urged people to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on lockdown, saying it could boost their chances of a fast recovery should they contract Covid-19.

“NOW is the best time to work on our health at home. Each week Zest4Health will bring education, inspiration and motivation into communities online, we want to do our bit to support the health of our communities” says Ann Garry from zest4life.    

“Our fully qualified practitioners will help communities to improve energy levels, feel great and even lose a few pounds and rediscover their zest for life again” 

The weekly 15-minute Zest4Health online sessions are suitable for everyone and will provide bit-sized practical tips for eating well and feeling well and include family friendly recipes and healthy lifestyle habits.

The Zest4Health sessions in Poynton will be rolling out from 30th April and will be run across four of the popular facebook groups, including I love Poynton#supportlocal, Poynton News & Gossip and Poynton Holistic Clinic.  For more information please contact adele@poyntonholisticclinic.co.uk