Local lady, Jackie Pringle wants to help others to feel great and improve their health!! Jackie is relaunching Slimming World groups based at The Centre, Park Lane, Poynton. After joinging Slimming World as a member herself 18 months ago and losing One and a half stone in just 15 weeks, in time gor a significant birthday.

Jackie could not believe that she could lose this weight without ever being hungry, enjoying lovely meals and still having a night out too! Realising that this is all about lifestyle changes and not about faddy dieting, she is now feeling great and wants to help others to lose weight, improve their health. Jackie said she found the support from her consultant and the other members in the group absolutely fantastic, she has made lifelong friends, and was inspired by the achievements of others, wanting to help people in her own community she will be doing groups every Tuesday at 7.45am, 9.45am, 5.15pm & 7.15pm at The Centre. Jackie joked that she is the Pringle that proves once you pop you can stop! Here are photos of her when she joined Slimming world and also 15 weeks after  one and a half stone lighter. What a difference  a few weeks that help and support has made.