Flood risk is still at the forefront of many residents’ minds in Poynton. But we are not alone. With climate change resulting in extended periods of higher intensity rain, around one-sixth of properties in England are at risk of flooding. Like many, Poynton has an ageing drainage system, a lack of ongoing drain maintenance, and less land to support adequate water drainage than ever.

But we also have a desire for change – the drive to reduce flood risk in our village and position ourselves for the future. Poynton Flood Action Group is continuing to work positively with entities such as Poynton Town Council, Lyme Park and the environmental agency to ensure that Poynton stays at the forefront of conversations within Cheshire East.
“The first step is accepting that some form of climate change is happening, assessing the risks to our village, and then taking action within the community to reduce any vulnerability to these changes,” says Wendy Daly, Chair of the Flood Action Group and local resident.
“We have an amazing opportunity. Working with the local council, environmental agency and the National Flood Forum, is giving us an accurate understanding of what we need to do to safeguard our village for the future.”

A huge amount of progress has already been made in understanding risk, and the Flood Action Group will continue to work as a collective until a long-term resolution to flooding has been achieved.

Updates from the group will be posted here and via Facebook on Poynton News & Gossip.