Carolyn Sigley, 59, from Poynton has a degenerative health condition that affects her mobility and ability to care for herself. This can be isolating but during the Covid-19 pandemic she struck up a remarkable friendship with her live-in Polish carer Krystina, giving her the independence to thrive.

During the lockdown Carolyn could not see her mum due to shielding but having Krystina around provided companionship to tackle loneliness. As Carolyn and her carer self-isolated her risk of becoming infected was limited as the amount of people coming into her home was reduced. Being safe at home is one of the advantages of live-in care. Clients of Promedica24 remain in their own houses with round-the-clock care, free to cultivate their hobbies, maintain their independence and achieve a sense of happiness and wellbeing. Krystina and Carolyn enjoy walking, embroidery, chatting, cooking, and watching TV. Carolyn loves to create artwork on her mobile phone and play word games.

Carolyn said: “I love spending time with Krystina from Promedica24. She has lived with me for the last three years, for a period of eight weeks at a time and then goes home for a break. I then have another care worker but I always look forward to Krystina coming back.”