The Year 1 and 2 children from St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School enjoyed a seasonal visit to the Greater Manchester Fire Museum, in Rochdale, where they met ex-firefighters to learn all about the ‘Great Fire of London’.  Having spent several weeks learning about what London was like in 1666 and about the events that led to the Great Fire, their school work culminated in a museum session, where they deepened their knowledge of why the fire spread so quickly and how it was extinguished.  

The children enjoyed studying paintings, artefacts and photographs of London and investigated the struggle faced by people during this period of history.  They also discovered the theory behind the development of today’s fire service and had a chance to explore the museum, taking turns on a real firefighter pole and pumping one of the very first fire engine systems.  

Class teacher, Mrs Davies, said: “Bob, Linda and the dedicated team, made it a very interactive experience and they had us all captivated.  The end to a perfect visit came when an old fire engine was driven into the courtyard.  The children thoroughly enjoyed being allowed to climb aboard.”