Community Team Surgery

Meet the Team at their Community Surgery this Friday 8th November 10am – Noon in the entrance to Waitrose supermarket. It’s an ideal opportunity to talk to them about any community issues you may have.

Bonfire safety talks

The CCS Team have been busy over the last couple of weeks                        presenting their Halloween and Bonfire safety talks to many young people’s organisations and schools in the community.                 

Hate Crime 3rd Party Reporting Centre 

The CCS Team are now trained to take initial reports from residents wishing to report incidents of ‘Hate Crime’ on behalf of Cheshire Police.The three members of the CCST attended a ‘Hate Crime 3rd Party                   Reporting Centre Training Day’ at Cheshire Police Headquarters and as a result Poynton Town Council is now a ‘Hate Crime 3rd Party Reporting Centre’.