The ruling Cabinet at Cheshire East has approved a new Housing Framework. This aims to use council owned land for building houses. Poynton’s Conservative councillors have several concerns about these proposals:

  1. Will the new houses be in addition to the 695 extra houses already allocated to Poynton under Cheshire East’s Local Plan?
  2. If so, will there be funding to provide extra places in schools, GP surgeries and other public services?
  3. Exactly where are Cheshire East planning to build these houses? Most of the land they already own in Poynton is already in public use, such as Poynton Park, the allotments, Anson Road waste site, play areas and school playing fields. We would not support any of these areas being built over.
  4. There is a total lack of accountability at Cheshire East – the Cabinet (composed only of Labour and Independent councillors) has delegated full powers to pick sites for building houses under this scheme to just one person, Cllr N Mannion (Labour).

Poynton Conservatives are pressing for answers for these questions and will continue to monitor this situation closely.