Like many other places in the UK, Poynton has experienced flooding. During the flood event in 2019, one in every 200 homes experienced some kind of flooding so it’s important for residents to understand the level of flood risk their home might experience and the type of flooding that might occur.

Poynton Town Council have produced two helpful documents relating to flooding.

The first document, Poynton Update and News – Flooding. Be Flood Aware. Prepare. Prevent. Protect, provides comprehensive information about how flooding occurs in Poynton, how to build resilience against flooding ahead of a flood event and signposts you to other useful resources. It also offers information on how to familiarise yourself with flood and weather warnings so you can take action at the right time, indicates what you can do to help to reduce the likelihood of flooding and what action to take if you are unfortunate to experience flooding.

The second document, Flooding. How to prepare and what action to take in the event of a flood, provides information about flood and weather warnings, how to report a flood and what action to take to keep you and your family safe in the event of a flood. 

These flood newsletters are one of a number of initiatives that Poynton Town Council, in collaboration with flood authorities, Cheshire Police and resident action group have produced, which aim to build flood resilience in Poynton.

We want to make as many residents aware as possible and we will provide updates on these new initiatives and key messages on the Town Council’s Facebook page.