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Why sell on the Poynton Post?

It’s quick. Placing an advert takes minutes and adverts go online instantly.
It’s effective. Reach 1000s of buyers in your local area so you sell things fast.
It’s FREE. If you’re a private seller, advertising is completely free, no listing fees, no selling fees, no catches.
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Advice for buying and selling online

Take amazing photos

Be sure to take as many clear photos as possible. Use natural light, multiple angles and a plain background. Show any damage or wear and tear so you can avoid problems once it’s sold. If you’re buying and you have any reservations about what the item looks like or if it has any damage make sure to ask for more photos from the seller.

Describe your item well

If you describe what you’re selling in more detail, you’ll be able to save time on answering questions that people might have. Also, people will be able to find it easier when searching on the site.

Make sure you communicate

If people have questions, try to answer them as quickly as possible. People could be put off if you don’t answer in time and you might lose a potential buyer.

Buy and sell sensibly

Always be vigilant and be sure to not get carried away by what looks like a bargain. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Remove your advert when it’s sold

Use the manage your listings tool to delete an advert once it’s sold to avoiding disappointing buyers.