Cheshire East Council “suspended” the 391/392 bus service from Poynton to Stockport and Macclesfield from last month, leaving Poynton with no bus service. The previous operator gave two months’ notice that they were closing. This company also provided bus services in Stockport, but Transport for Greater Manchester were able to find a new operator in time. Cheshire East have not so far said why they could not do the same.

Your Poynton Councillors believe the 391/392 bus provides a vital service and are continuing to press for a new service. The Cheshire East councillor over public transport, Cllr C Browne (Independent) says it is his “intention that the 391/392 service should be reinstated once the situation returns to normal”. We will be holding him to this. In the meantime, essential workers who rely on the 391/392 bus should email: