Poynton Conservatives have condemned the decision by Cheshire East Council to “suspend” the 391/392 bus service from Poynton to Stockport and Macclesfield. This will mean that Poynton has no bus service.

Your Poynton Councillors – Jos Saunders, Nicky Wylie, Mike Beanland and Mike Sewart – believe the 391/392 bus provides a vital service. It is the only public transport between Poynton and Hazel Grove, Stepping Hill Hospital and destinations along the A6 into Stockport. Going south, it runs through Adlington, Bollington and Tytherington. 

Poynton Conservatives have campaigned over recent years to maintain a bus service from Poynton to Stockport and Macclesfield. We were always supported by the previous Conservative administration at Cheshire East – but the council is now run by a Liberal and Independent cabinet, under the leader, Cllr S Corcoran (Labour) and his deputy, Cllr C Browne (Independent).

The cabinet member with specific responsibility for public transport is Cllr Browne. He has claimed that the 391/392 bus had to be suspended because the company that operated the service had gone out of business. However, this raises several questions:

1. The previous operator announced they were closing in February, giving two months’ notice. This company also provided bus services in Stockport – but Transport for Greater Manchester were able to find a new operator – why could Cheshire East not do the same?

2. Why did Cllr Browne agree to suspend all Poynton’s buses? The coronavirus situation has reduced passengers, but some key workers use the service. There is still a need for at least a limited bus service. Nowhere else in Cheshire East has had all its buses “suspended”.

3. Why was proper notice not given, so users could try to make alternative arrangements? Cheshire East made a low-key announcement just four working days before the service was “suspended”. 

Poynton Conservatives will continue to campaign to restore Poynton’s bus services. In the meantime, essential workers who rely on the 391/392 bus should email: transportpolicy@transportservicesolutions.co.uk