The Poynton Area Community Partnership (PACP) is an independent, constituted group that brings a broad range of like-minded volunteers together to understand the needs of local people, and strives to improve their quality of life in various ways.  PACP is leading a campaign in Poynton and the surrounding parishes, to increase awareness of loneliness, and to inform residents about the many social and voluntary groups in our local area.  

The group have prepared a booklet “A Guide To Local Interest, Activity and Hobby Groups” which can be found in this edition of the Poynton Post.  Spare copies can be had from Poynton Civic Hall and Library. The group recognises that having a hobby and socialising with like-minded people is good for everyone’s health and well-being, and the booklet offers information about local social groups that you can get involved with.  If you are interested in joining a group but are hesitant about going on your own, then rest assured that all the groups listed have committed to giving newcomers a particularly warm welcome. If you know someone who may be lonely, and you think would like to be involved with a group, please think about encouraging and supporting them to attend.

Being lonely doesn’t just affect older people, but statistics show that it is a worrying and major problem. The leader of Britain’s GPs, Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard says that ‘being lonely can be as bad for someone’s health as having a long-term illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure’.

At the back of the booklet there are some interesting and stark facts about loneliness.

If you are a local voluntary group or organisation that isn’t listed in the booklet, and would like to be included in a future edition, please email Sharon Duke at Poynton Town Council on  You can also add details of your group to “Live Well Cheshire East”, where you’ll find useful information and advice on a range of subjects, and an easy to use directory of over 3,000 services and activities in your area. For more information go to the website: