What does Poynton mean to you?

To many it means community, a sense of place and of people coming together for the benefit of each other.

During his term of office, Councillor Lee Podmore, Poynton Town Mayor will adopt a Community focused theme and drive the Poynton Pledge. This is an initiative to support local and to “think green”.

Cllr Podmore will be encouraging individuals and/or groups within the community to sign up and pledge an action for Poynton.

You could pledge to…

  • Swap one short car journey per week for a walk
  • Look out for your neighbours and help them where you can
  • Check local shop suppliers first when ordering online
  • Support local restaurants and takeaways
  • Research local organisations and charities and consider getting involved and/or volunteering
  • Shop sustainably
  • Consider supporting local businesses when you need a service

For more information on the Poynton Pledge visit www.poyntontowncouncil.gov.uk