The councils in Greater Manchester recently published a new “Spatial Framework”, which includes plans for extensive building across their Green Belt. Stockport Council want to build 2,400 houses in Woodford and 4,000 in High Lane – both within a mile of Poynton, plus 3,700 in Cheadle (by the A34) and 2,000 in Heald Green. The proposed 2,400 houses in Woodford are in addition to the 965 houses which are already being built on part of the former airfield. By way of comparison, Poynton currently has about 6,250 houses.

Poynton Conservatives believe that this wholesale destruction of the Green Belt cannot be justified. Greater Manchester has extensive areas of previous developed “brownfield” land, and this should be reused before any of the Green Belt is built on. Other issues include:

Traffic: The existing routes through Stockport into Manchester – the A6 and A34 (Kingsway) – are already used well beyond capacity and are regularly jammed solid.

Pollution: The proposed houses in Stockport alone will put another 25,000 cars on the road, increasing air and noise pollution.

Health care: Stepping Hill and Wythenshawe Hospitals are already used to capacity, with serious parking problems for patients, staff and visitors.

Although Poynton is not part of Greater Manchester, local residents are entitled to comment on the draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF). The closing date is 23rd December 2016. Please support our concerns about Stockport’s plans.

For further details, see

Paper copies of the GMSF may be studied at Fred Perry House, 1 Edward Street, Stockport (Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5pm) and Hazel Grove and Bramhall Libraries (for opening times, see )

Comments may be made online (see the above page), or by email to or by post: Greater Manchester Integrated Support Team, PO Box 532, Town Hall, Manchester, M60 2LA