Local MP, David Rutley, joined up with Poynton Twinning Association at their recent garden party, where committee members and other attendees were able to celebrate the continued successful work of the group.

Having now been twinned with the town of Erd in Hungary for twelve years, the Association continues to meet monthly to discuss current projects, and explore other twinning opportunities.  Since the formation of the Association, there have been many exchanges between the two towns involving dancers, singers, musicians and young people, including a group from Poynton’s Air Training Corps, who visited Erd in the summer of 2012 and a group of cyclists from Poynton who visited Erd, en route to Turkey.

New members are welcome to join the Association, which has plans to help foster positive relationships with other communities in the future. The Association’s aims are to build and strengthen friendships between individuals, local groups and Councils; to promote the areas of culture, education, sports and tourism in both communities; and to respect each other’s cultures and traditions.

Speaking following the meeting, David said, “It is great to see the Association still going strong after twelve years. The twinning with Erd has been a very positive development for Poynton, and I am looking forward to seeing what further ventures the Association plan to take forward. I wish them every success in the years ahead.”