Poynton Roundtable has donated over £30,000 to local charities, community groups and other local good causes so far this year. This follows 2018’s hugely popular Bonfire and Fireworks Night and Poynton residents yet again giving generously in support of the Roundtable’s annual Santa rounds. 

Donations have been made to all local schools, to local sports clubs and to a wide range of local groups. The Roundtable is proud to offer continued support to ongoing building works at Poynton Youth and Community Centre, to be contributing towards new IT equipment for a Poynton counselling charity, to be helping pay for another phone box in Ponyton to be converted into an Automated External Defibrillator and to be contributing to a new trailer for a local youth organisation. The Roundtable is also supporting the work of two children’s hospices, helping a group provide assistance to Poynton residents who need transport to get to hospital and a charity who provide vital assistance to carers. 

Over recent years the Roundtable has developed close relationships with a number of local community groups, some of which regularly help with our Santa Rounds or help with cleaning up Ponyton Park the morning after the bonfire. 

In the pictures are Poynton Roundtable Members presenting cheques to the Poynton Cricket Club, and Poynton High School.

Making a positive contribution to the local community is one of the many reasons to join the Roundtable.  Poynton Round Table is a bunch of guys who get together socially twice a month. As well as our fundraising events, we have an exciting social programme doing things like indoor skydiving, rifle shooting and zorb footballing.

If you’re male, over 18 and under 45 and up for new challenges and experiences then come along to some of our events for free and see if Poynton Roundtable is for you.

We’re not bothered about your political persuasions, religious affiliations, marital status or career situation

Find us on Social Media, google, emailinfo@poyntonroundtable.co.uk or phone 01625 831181