Adam Colclough is premiering his new play ‘Rollercoaster’ with Poynton Players. Adam said he deeply values his association with The Players; he is in the middle of rehearsals with lead actors Fleur Boxall and John Lomax who play the characters RC and STUART.

Adam says “the play is a road movie for the stage. A journey of discovery, hope, acceptance and ultimately peace and happiness.” When asked whether it was a reflection of his own personal journey he dodges the question somewhat “maybe yes perhaps not. I will say that it will be one hell of a ride!” Adam grew up and still lives in Stockport so maybe I will be able to recognise some of the settings.

Poynton Players has been around in Poynton since 1925 and is the perfectly formed little gem of a theatre at the side of the Legion on George’s Road West just opposite the Church. I liked the cosy friendly feel of the place when I went, but was genuinely stunned by the quality of the sets and the performance standards.

Tickets for the show which runs Thursday 4th July to Saturday 6th July is via Ticket Source at or phone 0333 666 3366.