Poynton is a vibrant and active community and Poynton Town Council would like to offer residents and businesses the opportunity to show ‘Pride in Poynton’ by making a real difference to the presentation of their local neighbourhood.

Poynton Town Council organise a twice-yearly working day event on the Inclines, which involves clearing non-native vegetation and general tidying up. They also have a small team of volunteer litter pickers, ‘Poynton Pickers’, who regularly pick litter from areas in Poynton.

The Council are looking to build upon this and encourage residents and businesses to join the ‘Poynton Pick and Tidy Group’ improving the presentation of public areas in Poynton.

If you would like to find out more, enjoy light gardening and would be happy to get involved, please contact Sharon Duke, Communities Co-ordinator, on 01625 872238, for an informal, no obligation chat.