Poynton Jemmers Morris dancers are celebrating their 40th birthday this year.

Since their formation in 1975 they have spread Poynton’s fame far and wide, becoming one of the best known morris sides in the country.  They have enjoyed several trips abroad, including to Poynton’s Hungarian twin town of Erd.

The team’s foreman Alice Walker said: “We were one of the very first sides dedicated to the revival of women’s north-west morris, and our amazing research team collected and notated a number of dances from Cheshire, speaking to women who had performed and taught them in the 1920s and 30s.  We still perform most of these dances, along with previously published dances and some we have developed ourselves”.

Look out for the Jemmers in Poynton on June 6th when they are holding a day of dance with other local teams.  They will be performing at the Kingfisher and Farmers Arms pubs, as well as other venues around the village.

The Jemmers are always looking for new members who would like to have fun, make friends and keep fit.  They practise most Wednesday evenings at the Community Centre on Park Lane and you can check out their website at www.poyntonjemmers.net.