A group of Year 8 students at Poynton High School have been crowned Vlogstar champions in a competition run by United Utilities to highlight the issue of wet wipes in our water system.

Ella Dennison, Daisy Walsh, Katie Leonard and Elloise Harris took the 1st place with their Vlog after watching an interactive performance and workshop aimed at inspiring young people to stop flushing wet wipes down the toilet.   The students were inspired to spring into action to make a vlog filmed in their local area to enter into the competition.

Natalie Persoglio (United Utilities) said, “This is our third year of running the Vlogstars competition, which is designed to get young people talking about the damage that flushing wet wipes down the loo can do to our homes, gardens and environment. Many people don’t realise that the wet wipe they flush down the toilet doesn’t just disappear and disintegrate. Because wet wipes have plastic in them it can take years for them to breakdown. Most of the time they hang around pipes causing blockages and can be the main ingredient of a fatberg. The girls at Poynton High School created an energetic and impactful video for the competition, which we enjoyed. We’re sure that messages like this will help us to Stop the Block across the northwest.”

The students have won £1000 for the school and £250 Amazon vouchers for themselves.    The school prize money will be put to good use in supporting the school’s commitment to a more eco friendly and sustainable school.   

David Waugh, Head teacher said “…this is yet another great example of Poynton’s inspirational young people jumping in with both feet.   I am so very proud of their actions, ingenuity and passion for saving the planet.   The video totally blew me away and the message is clear … let’s all work together to make this world a better, cleaner place.   And we can achieve that if we all do small things, as those small things collectively amount to large changes.”