Everybody Sport and Recreation are offering Nordic walking at Poynton Leisure Centre. Nordic walking is an enhancement of ordinary walking – it’s a whole body work out that can be done at your own pace. Nordic walking uses poles which mean that the upper body muscles are being used as well as the legs.

Nordic walking is the fastest growing fitness activity in the world and is used by individuals, personal trainers, health clubs, and health promoters, because it’s highly effective, affordable and most importantly enjoyable!

Nordic walking has become extremely popular, those who regularly take part in the walks from Poynton Leisure Centre commented

We cannot praise the Nordic Walk Leaders enough for their time, patience and dedication. This is a fun way to enjoy the countryside whilst gaining the health benefits of exercise

Nordic walking comes with a range of benefits that can help everyone, from the super fit to those struggling with medical conditions. Whatever age, fitness level or end goal, Nordic walking is suitable, effective and enjoyable. 

Physical benefits of Nordic walking:

–          Uses 90% of the skeletal muscles

–          Burns more calories than ordinary walking

–          Reduces pressure on knees and joints

–          Good for the heart and lungs

–          Ideal for neck, shoulder and back problems

Other benefits are that it is extremely easy to learn and keep up with. It is very sociable and participants comment how great it is to chat as they go. Combining exercise with nature has been proven to significantly boost your mood!

For more information about Nordic walking and to sign up please go to https://everybody.org.uk/what-we-offer/get-fit-and-healthy/health/becomemoreactive/nordic-walking/