Two new consultants are relaunching Slimming World groups at the Centre, 107 Park Lane, Poynton. Steve Jones is going to be leading the Tuesday morning groups at 8.00am and 9.30am. Derrian Naden will be leading the Tuesday evening groups at 5.30pm and 7.00pm. They will be the new faces of Slimming World in Poynton.

Both have been on their own separate journeys with amazing results through Slimming World. They are 100% in agreement that Slimming World isn’t a short-term fix diet but a lifestyle change healthy eating plan that still enables you eat the things you love!

Steve is well known by the existing members having been an enthusiastic member since January 2018. He managed a staggering 4 stone weight loss in five months. He did put on a little over lockdown (who didn’t) but is now back down close to his target.

Derrian used to run a group in Cheadle after losing just short of 6 stone and when the opportunity came to return as a consultant for Slimming World in Poynton, she jumped at the chance. She admits lockdown was a tough one and is back on her journey to shed some pandemic weight gain!

There is no better time than now to join Slimming World. It is 9 weeks before Christmas which can make a massive difference to your weight loss goals in time for the festive season.

As both Steve and Derrian live in Poynton, they are keen to see their groups grow so that they can support as many Poynton people as possible to achieve their weight loss goals and change their lives for good.

Contact Steve on 07774 482417 and Derrian on 07719 639979 for more details.