To enhance their topic about World War Two, children from Years 5 and 6 took part in a ‘Day in the life of an Evacuee’ experience. Dressed in an authentic costume and kitted out with a ration-style lunch and gas mask, they travelled to Stockport on the train. Many were waved off at the station by ‘anxious and upset’ parents who played their part brilliantly!

The morning was spent at Stockport House, where they found out how to manage pre-decimal coinage, salvage old materials, make items out of rags and learn how to do housework in order to impress their billeting families.

Following a corned beef sandwich and apple, they made their way to the Air Raid Shelters. They found out, in detail, how life would have been during an air-raid and how they would have occupied themselves in wartime Britain.

Pictured: Kiran, Nathan, Arthur and Ben leaving from Poynton Station