Cheshire East has now published its draft Local Plan for the period up to 2030. However, the Local Plan must be approved by a Planning Inspector after a hearing known as the Examination in Public.  The Inspector has sent Cheshire East a report with his initial views on the draft Local Plan. He suggests building in the Green Belt near Poynton, Knutsford and Wilmslow, and claims that Poynton “needs” lots more houses, and that the current aim of preserving the Green Belt is “highly contentious”.

All of Poynton’s Cheshire East councillors, the Town Council and the vast majority of local people disagree with the Inspector’s comments.  Instead, we believe that the Green Belt should stay green.  This is why we have started the Poynton Neighbourhood Plans, so you get the chance to say what development you want in the village.

Conservative Councillor Phil Hoyland, along with his fellow Cheshire East Councillors and Poynton Town Council, believe that any development that takes place should be planned and take account of the infrastructure and services available in the area.  Wherever possible, houses should go on previously developed “brownfield” sites, not on agricultural land.

To ensure the residents of Poynton get the chance to influence future development, Cllr Hoyland has organised the Poynton Neighbourhood Plan. Leaflets went to every local household in Poynton, and fifty volunteers have expressed an interest in helping draw up the Plan.

Neighbourhood Plans have legal status but must comply with the Cheshire East Local Plan.  They should be drawn up using a formal process and be based on clear evidence. A Neighbourhood Plan must be approved by local electors in a referendum, in order to demonstrate that it has the genuine support of the community

Please watch out for further information on the Neighbourhood Plan over the coming months and get involved.