The Twinning Association of Poynton (TAP) is pleased to announce that three French language students from the High School will be visiting Haybes in the French Ardennes in April. Members of the Twinning Committee in Haybes will host the students during their stay, and will be arranging accommodation with local families. During their time in Haybes the students will attend lessons at the High School in nearby Fumay.

They will look to improve their language skills, and will also learn about the local culture and history of our twinned town. This visit, the first of its kind involving Poynton students, follows a successful visit to Poynton last year by two students from Haybes. Commenting on the visit Chairman of TAP, Susan Warrington, said she was delighted that it was taking place. “We have enjoyed excellent cooperation with the High School in recent months, and are really pleased that these young representatives of our town will have the opportunity to meet and mix with French students and others, thereby strengthening the existing bonds that already exist between Poynton and Haybes. We are also hopeful that further educational, cultural and sporting exchanges will take place in both directions”.