At this time of the year, many people will be spending more time in the garden.  Poynton Town Council is asking local residents to check the hedges, trees and bushes around their boundaries to make sure they are not encroaching on pavements or footpaths.

Richard Holland, Operations Manager at the Town Council said, “We are getting an increasing number of complaints, particularly from those with young children and our more elderly residents, about overgrown hedges and bushes.  Sometimes our pavements are so restricted that people are forced to walk into the road.  We would kindly ask all residents to have a quick look around their property boundary and check that their foliage is not causing, or likely to cause, any problems for pedestrians or road users.”

Owners have a legal obligation under the Highways Act 1980 to prevent their hedges and trees from obstructing footpaths and roads.  This Act empowers Cheshire East Highways, as the local Highway Authority, to protect the safety of highway users by ensuring that owners and occupiers carry out their legal duties in respect of roadside hedges.

Further information on occupiers’ responsibilities can be found on the Cheshire East Council website, or contact Richard Holland at Poynton Town Council on 01625 872238 or at