Advertising options

Key advertising spots

Examples of sizes and costs

Key advertising sizes: Rates:
Full page (390mm x 276mm) £375.00
Half page (195mm x 276mm) £250.00
Quarter page (195mm x 137mm) £180.00
Display rates £3,00 per column cm


Service offered

Examples of sizes and costs

Services offered: Rates (£4 s.c.c):
3cm x 1 column £12.00
4cm x 1 column £16.00
5cm x 1 column £20.00
3cm x 2 column £24.00
4cm x 2 column £32.00
5cm x 2 column £40.00


Advertising details

Copy date: 16th of each month

Published: Last week of the month

Cancellations: No cancellations will be accepted after the 20th of each month